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LΩkash est une monnaie virtuelle ayant pour but de soutenir l’économie d’une communauté en fluidifiant les échanges.

LΩkash se veut une alternative à la “petite monnaie”, pensée pour fluidifier les échanges quotidiens.

Zero-trust network with Consul Connect & Docker

Zero-trust network with Consul Connect & Docker TL;DR Docker namespacing capabilities can be used to enforce service-to-service zero-trust network with Consul Connect. To do so, you simply have to override a few default settings of the Consul Agent and the app’s proxy so they’re able to talk to each other and use Docker’s “container” network to allow the app and its proxy to chat together through the shared loopback interface of their own private namespace.

Présentation architecture microservices (French)

Présentation couvrant les grands principes de l’architecture microservices (utilisez les flèches <- -> de votre clavier pour vous déplacer) ToC Les grands principes d’architecture restent UNIX philosophy Monolithe vs Microservices vs Monolithe distribué A quoi reconnait-on une architecture microservices ? services de base vs services métier Inversion of Control Distributed systems fallacies Séparation stricte des niveaux d’abstraction et des responsabilités application vs data-plane n++ instances sur n++ machines tooling gestion des sources sécurité observer chaos engineering

Connect to StrongSwan VPN using an .sswan file on linux

Extract the PKCS#12 file from the .sswan Open the sswan file, you should see something like this : "type": "ikev2-cert" so, according to the documentation, it’s a certificate authentication. We’ll need a CA certificate (usually provided separately, but if it’s not the case, don’t worry) with a client’s certificate and a private key. We’ll use the content of the p12 field of the .sswan file to get all this stuff.

Clean code for Algorithms

I recently had to dig into pure algorithmic code at work in order to implement a research paper.

Exploring the literature, I was pretty astonished to see how clean code is generally ignored in this sphere. I first assumed it was for performance reasons so I decided to investigate a bit further.